Discover the secrets to building lasting wealth through real estate investing in just 5 days!

APRIL 17-21, 2023

5 Days, 60 minutes a day

Take control of your financial future and start building the life you deserve!

Learn from industry expert John McSherry, CEO & Founder of Millionaire Flip Secrets, as he shares his insider knowledge to help you create financial freedom.

By the end of this 5-day challenge, you’ll have a solid foundation to start your real estate investment journey.

You’ll also have the opportunity to join the Millionaire Flip Secrets
course and 6-month group coaching with John McSherry to further develop your skills
and achieve financial freedom through real estate investing.

What are you getting?

5 Days of Guided Flip Secrets to start your journey. You will be expected to take action and report your numbers.

5 Days of Coaching, Accountability & Support Via Live Interactive Video Group Meetings

Private Community Group for Challenge Members

Step-by-step guide and tools on how to take control of your finances

BONUS Exclusive Access to Templates, Scripts and more...

BONUS Exclusive Access to Templates, Scripts and more...

Meet your Speakers

John McSherry

John is the CEO & Founder of Millionaire Flip Secrets; his inside look at what it takes to become a multi millionaire Investor. 

My number one goal is to help others create the same success without suffering like I did and my big ‘Why’ is to feed one million children a year across the world. Having this big ‘Why’ pushes me to accomplish this goal without letting anything get in my way. I will do whatever it takes to accomplish this goal and help others. “

Suprise Special Guests

Which esteemed individuals will be joining us as special guests? By committing to attend all five days, you will have the opportunity to hear from prominent mega agents, accomplished CEO’s, and members of our elite alliance network.

Ready to Jumpstart Your Real Estate Investment Journey?

Day 1: Developing the Right Mindset


Introduction to real estate investing


Importance of having a proper mindset and strong 'Why'


Group exercise: Identify your 'Why' and share it with others

Day 2: Building Your Support Network


Importance of a strong support network in real estate investing


Strategies for building relationships with realtors, contractors, and other professionals


Bonus content: "Your Network is Your Net Worth" relationship building strategies

Day 3: Creative Financing and Leveraging Other People’s Money (OPM)


Overview of creative financing strategies


Utilizing OPM for real estate investments


Bonus content: OPM secrets and pitch packet template

Day 4: Mastering the Art of Cold Calling and Negotiation


Effective cold calling techniques and handling objections


Role-playing examples and objection handling


Bonus content: Cold call scripts

Day 5: Systems, Automation, and Time Management


Importance of systems and processes in real estate investing


Automating tasks and hiring virtual assistants (VA's)


Bonus content: Checklist of systems and tech needed, and how to automate and hire VA's

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Working with John has been a pleasure. He is always available and understanding. He is not pushy and listened to what we wanted to obtain in a property. Working with him for over a year he has been a great realtor and a good friend. Having someone positive in the house hunting makes the process much easier through the frustrations that go along with it. 

Chrisy B.

John has great knowledge of the business. He is very helpful and follows up to be sure you are happy. I had a Great experience dealing with him. hope we can do more in the future


John is a very honest, hardworking and dedicated guy. He helped us get the house we loved, not pushy at all. Works very hard for the benefit of his clients. He went out of the way to help us seal the deal. Always available to help. If someone is looking for a hassle free way of buying a house, he is your guy. Thanks again John, keep up the good work!



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